Small and Simple Things

To be quite honest, if I were to describe myself I would tell you that I'm not the rushing waterfall or the soft gentle breeze. I'm not the indigo waves or the sweet smelling spring. I often look up at the rocky mountains and feel sad because I know that's not me.
No, I am the seed that was tossed in the dirt. Feeling so small and insignificant looking up at the galaxies above and the birds soaring free. But I continue to look up because I continue to grow. And my roots are more firmly planted every day. And one day I'll learn that I am much more than just a seed. Maybe I'll provide fruit and shade for those in need. I won't feel the urgency to be anything but me. Because I will grow into exactly what God created me to be.

Poem by Megan Graham

I think we don't always see the potential or worth that we have. But He does, and if we allow Him to enter our lives, He will mold us into something much greater than we ever imagined we could be.