Dance in the Wind

The earth and it's planets are in constant motion because they too like to dance and twirl in the wind. 


dance in the wind


Sometimes I dance in the sand
Sometimes I kneel and cry
Sometimes I lay down and let the waves carry me away
Sometimes I just stand there sinking
But one thing's for sure
At the end of the day the tide comes in high
And with the new morning sun
The waves have washed away yesterday's marks
Giving me a blank space to leave new footprints.

- Megansupertramp


Small and Simple Things

To be quite honest, if I were to describe myself I would tell you that I'm not the rushing waterfall or the soft gentle breeze. I'm not the indigo waves or the sweet smelling spring. I often look up at the rocky mountains and feel sad because I know that's not me.
No, I am the seed that was tossed in the dirt. Feeling so small and insignificant looking up at the galaxies above and the birds soaring free. But I continue to look up because I continue to grow. And my roots are more firmly planted every day. And one day I'll learn that I am much more than just a seed. Maybe I'll provide fruit and shade for those in need. I won't feel the urgency to be anything but me. Because I will grow into exactly what God created me to be.

- Megansupertramp

small and simple things

Things in Two

In every palm tree grouped in two, I see me and I see you. I watch the birds in the sky, they rise together. And the swings in our backyard they just keep dancing in the wind. In every flower, creature, thing grouped in two I see me and I see you.


things in two

I See You Now

At first I looked to technology,
it could't suffice.
So I looked to the mountains, 
they made me look twice.
I listened to the birds conversing,
they made life alright.
I looked to my God,
He gave me new sight.
His power surrounds us day and night,
so I lay in the grass
comforted by His light.
A day spent alone was not so lonely,
once I realized He's there and He's watching over me.
I See You Now.


i see you now


Together we will navigate the stars
We'll sail the ocean blue
I'll search for home for all my life
Never realizing it was you.

- Megansupertramp