5,000 Years Book


Written and Illustrated by Megan Graham


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One day while contemplating what my life would look like 10 years from now, the words of a poem flooded my mind. I frantically wrote it out as fast as I could before the idea was lost. I shared it with a few friends who suggested making it into a book. For months I secretly worked on this project and shared it with Devin at out wedding reception for the first time! It's a message very dear to my heart and I've since made it available to the public :)

About the Book

5,000 Years is a message book inspired by the idea that the things which matter most in our lives, are the things that will truly last. Life is filled with some amazing times, and some truly challenging moments. As we go through life's ups and downs, my husband Devin has taught me to ask the question “Will this matter 5,000 years from now?” Things will go wrong and it may affect that day, week or even the next few years of our lives. However things of true importance will matter in the eternities. Those are the things we must never take for granted.

The Inspiration

The first time I ever herd the concept of 5,000 Years, I was in New York City with Devin. We were out exploring for the day and he missed a very important meeting. I felt terrible but he looked at me and asked the question, "Will this meeting matter 5,000 years from now? No. But will you and I matter 5,000 years from now? Yes :)" A few months later I was in Devin's office when my elbow brushed against one of his favorite Zelda statues haha. It fell to the ground and broke into pieces. I felt so bad, but he looked at me and said "Megan will with statue matter 5,000 years from now? No. But our relationship will :)" One final example: During the summer I had a family reunion coming up which landed on the same day as a really awesome business opportunity for my husband. I told him it was ok if we missed the family reunion, but he insisted saying that our families will matter 5,000 years from now. This was originally a concept he herd from his friend Devin Dyer and it has since stuck with us as a reminder of things which matter most.

The Illustrations

I digitally illustrated this book using Photoshop. 


To my husband Devin for teaching me what it means to live life 5,000 years from now :)


If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book please email smilewithsmee@gmail.com

Thank you

Devin Dyer for coining the term "5,000 Years."

Addison Kirk for creating the music and compiling the video of 5,000 Years. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/5-0...

Art Book Bindery for being such an amazing self publishing book company to work with. They made it so easy! http://artbookbindery.com/index.php